We at Professional-Landscaper.com strive for the best quality and expect great satisfaction from all our esteemed client. We focus at the 4 main character for a successful professional landscaper desire.

In line with one of our aims to promote environmental-friendly products & innovations, we have incorporated Effective Microorganism (EM) in our fertilisers, soils & anti-pest products. EM consists of a blend of naturally-occurring beneficial microorganism that would enhance the quality & fertility of soil, & thus, improving the growth of plants while reducing diseases & weeds.

Unlike those chemical-synthesized fertilizer & anti-pest products in the market, our specially formulated fertilizer & pest-control products contains EM mixtures that comprise many types of effective, disease-suppressing microorganisms, which not only help to deter pest but also beneficial to the nature.

Driven by our passion in landscaping, we have created our latest product, namely the Vertical Garden, which offers a green environment that not only decorates your living or work space but also provides a calming & relaxing atmosphere

Find Out How Vertical Landscaping Can Benefit You!

Maintenance Services
To ensure customer’s satisfaction, We offer after sales services such as maintenance services to all our clients. For major commercial projects, we offer a 1-year maintenance services. Meanwhile, for small to medium-sized projects, a 3 to 6 months maintenance services will be provided.
Warranty Against Plants Mortality
We provide warranty against plants’ mortality & will replace the plants if they withered or are damaged due to our negligence. However, if the plants are damaged by natural disasters or the damage of the plants is inflicted by a third party, namely other individuals who are not our staff, or other living creatures, We shall not be held for such damages.
Introducing The Right Species
To lower the mortality rate of plants or trees, we will provide recommendation of the right species of plants or trees according to the condition & location of client’s site. For instance, we would suggest perennial plants for outdoor landscape as they could withstand the harsh weather & tend to have a longer life-span as compared to non-perennials plants.
Grooming Services
To ensure that your gardens look attractive & well-maintained, We also offer grooming services such as topiary, where the foliage & twigs of trees & shrubs of live perennial plants are clipped & trimmed to develop & maintain the clearly defined shapes as desired by our clients.

We offer a wide range of custom-made landscaping designs to both residential & commercial sites. Every possible aspects or factors such as the condition & location of the site, the space limitation, as well as the temperature & humidity, are taken into careful consideration so that we could propose the best landscape designs that meets our clients’ requirements — practicality & convenience!

For Residential Owners
Be it apartment, condominium, terrace house, semi-detached or bungalow — for residential owners who would like to beautify their homes with a touch of green that promotes tranquillity, we offer a wide range of custom-made designs that would fit the space, style & feel or your living space. Most importantly, our plants & designs are practical & easy-to-maintain, both indoor & outdoor.

For Commercial Sites Owners
Whether it is an office lot, shop house, a golf course, a resort, a hotel, or any form of commercial building, we offer you one-to-one consultancy & custom-built landscaping designs that would provide your working area a relaxing & serene, yet professional ambience. In addition, we always strive to ensure the plants are well-maintained by decreasing the mortality rate through the recommendation of the right species of plants or trees according to your site’s condition, location, space & the common weather condition.

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